What is a Good Karma Score on Reddit?

    Reddit karma is an online score that is based on your ikgrand contributions to the community. You can increase your score by posting quality content and comments. You can find your karma score by hovering over a person’s username and viewing their posts and comments. Some users have hundreds of thousands or millions of karma.

    The higher your karma score is, the cfcnet more respected you are among the community. People who have high scores are more likely to be accepted in groups and receive help when they need it. They are also less likely to be ignored. The higher your karma score is, on average, the less likely you are to get ignored in online todayposting conversations.

    Reddit users should hyves aim for the larger subreddits. This is because the numbers move much faster in these subreddits. However, it is also possible to get karma from smaller subreddits. While it will move your karma numbers slowly, a small presence will still get you upvotes and comments.

    Another way to increase your karma is newscircles by posting quality content and links. The more useful content you post on Reddit, the more likely you are to get upvotes.

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